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with German algae for a Yeah! in the morning

Cultivation from Vechta

Our organic spirulina is 100% grown here in northern Germany.

Our algae is a true all-rounder that is full of valuable nutrients and tastes wonderfully fresh and slightly spicy! Our most important mission is quality and health. Only the best quality is good enough for us. For this reason, we grow our organic spirulina ourselves. Organic spirulina is an algae that grows in water and therefore requires the cleanest water and the highest quality nutrients. We can only guarantee this if the algae come from us. And the same is true for our cabbage products. Find out more about our cultivation.

Enjoyment for the highest demands

Our ingredients are the heart of our products. Most importantly for us: They are all true nutritional giants. Good for you, delicious and produced with love for you in northern Germany.

"I love the crunchy toppings on my breakfast bowl. For me, it's the best way to start the day."

Sophie (19) from Oldenburg

"Healthy and delicious. With Lüttge products I feel completely taken care of and I really enjoy the taste."

Peter (48) from Vechta

"Whether in bread, cake or yoghurt, spirulina algae can be used in so many different ways and immediately gives recipes that certain something. I'm thrilled."

Sarah (38) from Osnabrück