Little Raspberry Nut

Raspberry nuts are the small seeds of the raspberry that give the fruit its wavy structure. Strictly speaking, the raspberry is not a berry, but a collective stone fruit. A single raspberry consists of many small stone fruits with their own seeds. This explains why raspberries contain so many seeds. And that's exactly what we want to get to! To do this, we separate the raspberry nuts from the pulp. The small seeds are then gently dried and ground.

They contain the valuable ingredient ellagic acid. Ellagic acid belongs to the group of phenolic acids ; these are only found in nuts and fruits. In addition to the valuable ellagic acid, Lüttge Raspberry Nuts score points with their high content of fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

If you use fresh or frozen raspberries in the kitchen, you should avoid pitting them if possible, because all the power is in the little seeds.

Lüttge Himbeernuss consists only of dried raspberry seeds, which are obtained from the so-called pomace.

Our tip

Find out about the ingredients of raspberries in specialist literature, from alternative practitioners, doctors or nutritionists, and you can also find a lot on the Internet . Elagic acid, for example, is hardly known, and nature has already come up with a lot of things. It is important to look for good sources.

For me, ellagic acid is very important. I stir the raspberry nuts into my buttermilk.

Elisabeth (47) from Hamburg

I saw a report about berries and from now on I put either fresh berries or raspberry nuts on my muesli

Benni (39) from Prenzlauerberg

I think it's great, it's simple. Great team, you can tell the whole family is behind it.

Michaela (29) from Oldenburg