Our superfoods

Superfoods from supernah dran

Local superfoods are truly multi-talented. Kale, linseed, raspberries and the like are not only impressive as nutritional bombs that can easily keep up with the exotic ones from the other side of the world. Regional vegetables and fruit are kind to the environment and the climate. After all, they don't travel all over the world to end up on our plates.

We grow the majority of our Lüttge superfoods ourselves, such as spirulina algae. We label raw materials that we source from other European countries accordingly. We are responsible for further processing. This means we are able to meet the highest quality standards and deliver fresh products.

Why powder and capsules?

Many of our superfoods come in powder form or as capsules. A big advantage is that they are available all year round! Kale, for example, is harvested in the winter months and is traditionally eaten fresh. However, the superfood can also be consumed out of season as a powder or capsule. With our natural products, you can also supply your body with important nutrients in between meals - especially when you have to get things done quickly in a stressful everyday life.

Here you get an overview of the Lüttge superfoods and what they can do