Fit for autumn

Fit in den Herbst

When autumn and winter show their best side, it warms our hearts. Collect chestnuts! Light the fireplace! Go for a walk in the forest, wrapped up warmly! That's how we imagine it.

In reality, however, it is often like this: your nose is running, your head is aching, you are tired like lead. It is cold season. Parents with kindergarten children can tell you all about it. Although , They are the ones who do a lot of things right in autumn and winter : being outside whatever the weather, moving around, jumping in puddles. The child needs to get some fresh air.

So here is the first tip to get fit for the cold season:

Exercise. Preferably outside.

Exercising regularly is important , there's no doubt about that . Exercise helps to get your circulation going and supports your immune system. It's not necessarily about doing high - intensity training several times a week . Regular moderate exercise such as brisk , long walks is just as helpful, studies have shown. The important thing is that you exercise at all and enjoy it.

This brings us to the next point: have fun.

After all, what is the point of torturing yourself with a sport that you don't enjoy? Exactly, just torture. And that has a bad effect on your body and mind .

Instead, find a sport that you enjoy. That could be swimming or cycling. Long walks in the woods or machine training in the gym. Do you love getting your heart rate up? Great. But make sure you wear the right clothing and suitable shoes when you train outside. You can get advice from a specialist retailer you trust.

Varied diet

No other time of year produces as much as autumn. This makes a seasonal diet of fresh fruit and vegetables irresistible. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes, root vegetables such as parsnips , red and yellow beets or celery , mushrooms such as porcini or chanterelles , cabbage in all variations or various types of fruit such as apples, pears, plums and cranberries: Autumn invites us to cook fresh and seasonally .

By eating seasonal and regional food, you also protect the environment and the climate. Long transport routes cause high CO2 emissions and affect the vitamin content of food.

The fresher, the more nutritious!

And if you need to be quick in your stressful everyday life, there is nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with high-quality, nutrient-rich superfoods such as spirulina algae .

Start your day fit

To start the day fit, you should make sure you have a balanced breakfast. You can enhance it with a topping of spirulina crumbs, for example. The algae has many good properties. Its iron content, for example, helps reduce tiredness and supports the normal function of the immune system.

And always remember to drink enough. Even when the temperatures drop , you need a lot of fluids due to the dry heating air. According to common recommendations, you should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day . be.

In a good mood and rested

When it comes to feeling fit and healthy, the soul plays an important role. Take time for yourself, rest and replenish your energy reserves.

With a mix of outdoor activities, a varied diet and a look at your energy reserves, Nothing stands in the way of an autumn season full of magic and enjoyment .  





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